The history of Seewarte Flensburg

The guesthouse Seewarte in Flensburg looks back on an eventful past. In the following you can find out more about our tradition-filled hotel, which was built in 1906 and is in the possession of the Luig family since 1955.

Exterior view of Seewarte Flensburg in 1914

Historical exterior view of Seewarte Flensburg in 1914 In the course of settlement and enlargement of the naval armed forces by emperor Wilhelm II in Flensburg-Mürwik, Seewarte was built. It served as getaway pub and hotel for army officers and their families.Painting of the Seewarte in 1914

Historical shot of the Mürwiker Straße in Flensburg in 1914

Historical shot of the Mürwiker Straße in Flensburg in 1914 The picture shows the Mürwiker Straße (Mürwiker street) in 1914. Around 1911 the tram was laid up to the newly built navel college Mürwik. It was named after emperor Wilhelm II. In 1945 she got today’s name.

in 1978, Cinema, “Super-Grill” and club

Guest house Seewarte in the year 1978 at night The picture shows the hotel Seewarte at night in 1978. The hotel hosts the cinema “Pali”. It was one of the first cinemas with consumption in the republic. After the film you could enjoy the “best curried sausage in the entire world” at the “Super-Grill” (News coverage of NDR, Sat1). On the upper floors the club “Queen Mary” was located, where marines would come to “schwofen” (colloquial German for “to party”) in their second homeland each night.

Seewarte Flensburg in 2003

Außenansicht der Seewarte Flensburg in der Mürwiker Straße heuteAfter the Fall of the German Wall and the corresponding withdrawal, Flensburg changed. Today Flensburg puts emphasis on tourism and college students.

The Seewarte also had to realign and since then focused more on tourism as well.

The Seewarte Flensburg today

seewarte_flensburg_2013_43The guesthouse Seewarte is one of the few “originals of Flensburg” which you can feel, once you visit. Despite many refurbishments and additions the historical building has not lost its charm. Today the Seewarte Flensburg offers 11 nicely furbished single and double rooms with cable TV and its own bathroom. A fridge can also be booked. Free WLAN is available throughout the hotel.

The hotel has a hotel bar where you can enjoy a beer or two and cocktails in a pleasant atmosphere from Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm. Events are also organized, further information can be found at

If you like to know more about the history of the hotel, feel free to ask to the Luig family. It might even happen, that you while at breakfast in the erstwhile room, where some naval officer has already found his happiness, will become a time traveler through Flensburg’s history, too.

mural over the cocktail bar

Mural at the exterior facade
An army officer says good bye to his lady and sets sail with the sail drill ship “Gorch Fock”.

Every naval officer, in emperor’s times until today, had to complete part of their training at the naval college Mürwik and the sail drill ship Gorch Fock.

The Austrian artist Hannes Forstner has chosen this theme to underline Flensburg’s naval tradition.

mural at the right side of our guesthouse

Mural over the hotel
The theme of this picture was chosen by Hannes Forstner according to the preferences of Flensburg’s inhabitants. It shows the tram station “Seewarte”, which the Flensburg’s inhabitants miss until today.

In the background, the naval college Mürwik, the “Mäuseturm” and the smoke stack of the old brick manufacture can be seen.

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Do you want to be part of the history of the impressive hotel in the heart of Flensburg, which is filled with charm and personality? Then don’t wait to have a look at our guestrooms and place a booking request through our contact form.